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Build a Stunning Portfolio in Minutes with Portfolio Maker (command-line)

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Portfolio Maker (command-line tool + tutorial):

Want to create a professional portfolio in minutes, without any coding or design experience?

Portfolio-Maker is the easiest way to create a beautiful portfolio that showcases your best work. Simply enter a list of URLs of your work samples, and Portfolio-Maker will automatically generate a stunning portfolio in HTML.

Who can benefit from Portfolio-Maker?

Writers, designers, and anyone wanting an impressive online portfolio.

How it works?

  1. Add URLs of your articles, websites to a text file: urls.txt.
  2. Run the tool -

  3. Your portfolio HTML is ready! Feel free to customize it. :)

    See a portfolio generated with this tool: The world of expressions.

What you will receive:

  • Complete code for the Portfolio-Maker tool.
  • Instructions for running this command-line tool (PDF).
  • A video tutorial explaining how the tool works (~15 minutes).
  • A PDF tutorial explaining how the code works with Bootstrap and Python.


  • Familiarity with Python (3.x) – installing packages and running Python code from command line.
  • Some familiarity with basic HTML and CSS. Although, the tool will automatically create a portfolio for you if you’re fine with the default theme.
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Video Tutorial, PDF Tutorial, and complete code for the command-line tool.

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Build a Stunning Portfolio in Minutes with Portfolio Maker (command-line)

5 ratings
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